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About Us

HS Home Search is an independent firm of property professionals specialising in residential Lettings & Sales in and around the Birmingham area. With our enthusiasm, passion and exceptional customer service we deliver a comprehensive range of sales & lettings properties that are bespoke, personal and quite simply better.

There is no great mystery to letting property. It`s all about knowing how to be a good listener, how to deal with all kinds of people, how to be fair, how to help people and make life in renting that little bit easier. It`s about exercising common sense and using initiative. The importance of fixing things that go wrong, keeping promises when made and ensuring people are happy. These are often some of the things that are generally left by the wayside.  You have to know what you are doing within our industry. Most importantly you have to love doing it.  This is what HS Home Search Ltd is all about.

We take pride in providing good quality and safe accommodation, from fair and reasonable landlords, for responsible tenants we can rely on. For a number of years we have demonstrated our ability to both landlords and tenants alike, ensuring that fairness and integrity is achieved in all instances. We aim to achieve high standards for everyone concerned.

In regards of sales, when you are ready to market your property, we arrange a convenient time with you to pop round and take the internal photographs of your property. Details are then loaded on to our computer system and our eye catching property particulars are prepared.

Details of your property will immediately be emailed to the hundreds of people on our mailing list and they will receive an SMS text message on their mobile to alert them that your property has just come on to the market. The full colour property particulars will be emailed and sent in the post to all the applicants registered with us in the price range. Our sales team will also contact these applicants by phone, as we feel nothing can substitute the personal approach.

We aim to escort applicants to view your property if you prefer, or if you’re comfortable with showing your property, you can do it yourself. Either way, after each viewing we will give you a courtesy call to provide helpful and constructive feed-back. We have our own team of financial advisers who will provide mortgage advice to those applicants that are still shopping around. They can also help ‘qualify’ those buyers who cannot provide evidence that they have a mortgage already agreed in principal.

Once a sale is agreed, we have extremely experienced dedicated Sales staff which specialise in their technical field and use their expertise to ‘hold your hand’ through the sometimes frustrating sales process. By constantly keeping you in touch with each step of the transaction, you will find the whole experience a lot less daunting. With Ines fighting your corner, you can relax safe in the knowledge that they will be chasing solicitors, lenders and any other agents involved, keeping you in touch with news as it happens.