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FAQ Lettings Questions

How long should I let my property for?

Do I need to have insurance for the property?

How quickly will my property be let?

What type of tenants will they be?

How much rent will my property be worth?
Questions Answered

Below are some of the questions landlords ask from time to time. Their solutions can be costly and time consuming, and often they result in disappointment and unsatisfactory compromises. The following is a general guide:

Q, How long should I let my property for?

A, It is a preferred option to rent for a minimum of 6-months. However, the term specified can be negotiated at your request.

Q, Do I need to have insurance for the property?

A, Building Insurance is required when letting your property. The insurer must provide you with a Landlords Policy. This will cover you for all the normal perils and provide indemnity.

Q, How quickly will my property be let?

A, We have a large data base of vetted clients, currently looking for suitable properties to become available. When a tenant is found we aim to have the property occupied within a SEVEN day period.

Q, What type of tenants will they be?

A, We deal with working tenants, companies and professionals. We have an open mind and any tenant that qualifies for a tenancy, will only do so, following a rigorous vetting procedure. Only with your approval will the tenant move in.

Q, How much rent will my property be worth?

A, As valuations are FREE, it enables us to monitor market trends. We will endeavour to obtain the best rental value. GUARANTEED


FAQ Sales Questions

Selling your home can prove to be one of the most stressful circumstances you will find yourself faced with, unfortunately it is a fact! Our staff at Hs Home Search Ltd have taken it upon ourselves to help you sell your home as stress free as possible. We have talked to many clients and have listed below some of their fears, which may sound familiar to you!

Our sales department, have put in place stringent measures to ensure that you do not have to concern yourself with the above issues THAT’S WHAT YOU PAY US FOR!

Q. How often will my house be advertised?

A, Generally your property will be advertised for the first 4 weeks as a new instruction and in the unlikely event of it not being sold, then every week until it is sold.

Q. Will viewings be accompanied?

A, Yes, during normal working hours, after all you are paying for a professional service and you should get one.

Q. Will I get feedback from my viewings?

A, Yes constructive and accurate feedback is essential; it helps us identify any issues or problems that the general public may be identifying within your property.

Q. Am I being ripped off?

A, Definitely not. As stated above in our introduction, we have researched our market place and will only charge you a realistic fee to sell your home (any genuine fee quoted we will try and beat).

Q. What if I cannot find anything?

A, If you cannot find a home, you do not have to sell your home. It is yours after all. Should you be looking to move in an area that we cover we will happily arrange a leaflet drop in an area that you desire and research are active data base to find a property matching your needs.

Q. Can my buyers afford my Property?

A, We work closely with Mortgage advisors who if you require can verify your buyers financial position, to ensure that your sale will go through efficiently, the issue of saving you money is at the forefront of our minds.

Q. What’s next?

A, Contact Us: 0121 784 6262 or Visit us at 890 Washwood Heath Road, Ward End, Birmingham, B8 2NB for any enquiries. Hs Home Search Ltd prides itself on being user friendly, thus we are open on Saturdays in order to accommodate your potential weekend buyers.